Sensei Dave

3rd Dan

Sensei David started training in February 1987 when he went to a KUGB club with a friend who had just started with his brother.

David was very impressed by the standard of karate on show and when he returned home he told his parents that he wanted to learn karate and he only wanted to go to the club he went to with his friend.

David used to cycle 4 times a week to train at the clubs two Dojo’s and later that year under Sensei Andy Sherry’sinstruction he graded and started his knowledge of studying karate and after 30 years he is still learning karate. David now holds the current grade of 3rd Dan with in the KUGB.

David gained his instructors qualification in 2007 and since then has helped instruct many students to the level of Dan grade, which includes his daughter Hannah.

David is also a KUGB Referee and often attends most of the KUGB competition events.

David wants to continue to teach and train for as long as his body will allow him too and David believes

“Regular training will bring you rewards which are not always financial, it can bring you personal achievements, it can bring you balance in your life, it can bring you friendship and it can bring you the success of achieving your black belt”